Happy Birthday Hat to me

20 Oct

By Ricki Stevenson, special to shades Magazine

(Editors’ note: In 1997, former Bay Area radio and TV personality Ricki Stevenson moved with her daughter, Dedie, to Paris, France. She planned to stay for one year, but fate had another plan and today, she continues to call the European capital home.

Beginning with the November issue of shades, Stevenson will share her life abroad and cover the stories, issues and concerns of the thousands of other women of color who reside in Paris.

The follow is a preview to her monthly column.)

After going through the 40-week process of carrying and giving birth to my daughter Dedie on Aug. 28, 1986 – the baby some doctors said I would never carry to term – I came to the conclusion that it is mothers who should be honored and showered with gifts each year when their offspring celebrate another birthday.

With that in mind, I made it my own tradition to give my Mom flowers or some gift of remembrance each Oct. 17 – my birthday – to thank her for taking on the awesome task of being my Mom.

Mom made her transition July 17, 2009. That means I’ve now seen two birthdays without her … and it’s been challenging.

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